Jake Pardee Music

Website of musician Jake Pardee and his studio Morrison Sound


Education is one of my passions. I began teaching guitar lessons while in high school and I've kept a private studio of students ever since. In October 2014 I opened the Morrison Sound Studio in Gloucester, MA where I now teach all of my lessons. My personalized approach to teaching is practical - I expose the mysteries of making music. With a strong emphasis on ear training and improvising, my goal is to empower my students with the skills necessary to pursue a musical path of their choosing. I've had the benefit of studying with some of the finest teachers in the world locally and while at New England Conservatory and Berklee College of Music. I love teaching and helping people make music they've always wanted to make or didn't know existed within.


Most students come to my studio to learn guitar (I teach bass and ukelele too). I've been playing since an early age and have enjoyed unlocking the Guitar's mysteries day in and day out. I've worked with students of all ages and levels and I find I enjoy teaching a diversity of musicians. Teaching a full day of ever-changing musical styles and challenges inspires me as a teacher and a player.
For beginners we focus on developing good picking habits, open position strumming chords and rock/reggae/funk riffs. Intermediate students are introduced to the world of barre chords and scales. Advanced students focus on intricate chord progressions, improvisation, and skills necessary to work as a professional.

Music Theory

I enjoy thinking and conversing with music theory. By studying various jazz standards and popular songs, most of my students develop a working understanding of music theory very quickly. Typical applications are learning songs by ear, improvising over chord progressions, and communicating with songwriters. I like to help students make Music Theory fun.


Morrison Sound Studio where I teach and develop is a fully featured multitrack recording studio that has both analog and digital recording machines. I enjoy working with sound in various ways and the studio is available for many of the processes necessary to complete a record. The space can accommodate a jazz ensemble or rock band and is used for everything from overdubbing vocals to remixing and mastering.