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Jake Pardee is a performing musician and educator from Rockport, MA blending soul, jazz, blues and reggae guitar styles. His interest in sound, rock n roll history, and outer space began as a young boy upon hearing Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child (Slight Return) for the first time. Live improvisation and groove influenced his mind and developed a passion for individualism, freedom, and bringing people together.

Jake played in bands throughout his teens and studied jazz in formal settings including programs at New England Conservatory and UMass Amherst. In 2014, he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Music Business Entrepreneurship from Berklee College of Music. He's now performing regionally in the Northeast United States with bands Cultural Roots and Pier Ave and releasing music with his start up Pulp & Fizz, based out his recording studio and office in Gloucester, MA.

In his teens, preparatory programs at New England Conservatory and Berklee College of Music provided a breadth of musical experiences in addition to studying privately with guitarist/author Anthony Weller. Once at Berklee full time for college, Jake studied with John Baboian, Garrison Fewell, David Fiuciznski, Dennis Montgomery III and many other world class players and educators. Jake graduated from Berklee in 2014 with a degree in Music Business Entrepreneurship - Cum Laude.

Jake's first band was local punk rock band Backyard Swingset where he enjoyed a few formative years renting church halls and art spaces for all ages shows with his friends from Rockport. That group evolved into a surf rock/ska band Marmion Way, named after the group's favorite place to race longboard skateboards. After that group dissolved, Bingo Fridays emerged as a blues rock band featuring longtime friends and now pro session players Pete Iannitto, Aaron Zaroulis, and Zach Gorrell. Bingo Fridays played blues, funk, reggae and psychedlic rock at many different venues in Boston and released a self titled EP in 2010. These early days influenced his group of friends and became a catalyst for a DIY start up that ultimately would grow into Pulp & Fizz today.

While attending Berklee, Jake brought his blues and jazz improvisation to Senegalese master musician Mamadou Diop's highly rhythmic original music. In November 2016, he performed with Mamadou and Jamaican reggae star Warrior King at a successful show at the Larcom Theater in Beverly, MA.

Jake was on the road with Kenyatta Hill (son of legendary Culture singer Joseph Hill) in July 2015 as part of the Riddim of Life Tour, performing the music of Culture and Kenyatta Hill's original music. Jake played bass for the Riddim of Life Tour, bringing classic Culture rhythms live and direct on a string of New England dates. After connecting with the musicians in Kenyatta Hill’s live band, Jake began building a recording studio to teach lessons and record his original music and jam sessions. Soon into building the project, Jake teamed up with vocal legend Wade Dyce to reform the classic Jamaican outfit Cultural Roots.
Today, Morrison Sound Studio is where Jake spends most of his time. It's a special music production facility featuring many classic amps, effects and a vintage Speck Model 62 recording console. The studio is made available for recording, mixing, and rehearsing various projects Jake is involved with as a musician and producer. Jake's private guitar students have full access to his recording studio and are often invited to recording and jam sessions to gain hands on experience working with professional musicians in the area.


Pulp & Fizz is a merchandise and media creation company founded by friends from Rockport, Massachusetts. The culture brand creates in house music videos, websites, and lines of merchandise for a roster of artists including Jamaican reggae artist Wade Dyce and Cultural Roots, Pier Ave, and Toussaint the Liberator. Pulp & Fizz is built on good vibes and the collaboration of many local artists.